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MK® 660

Central Station


The CENTRAL STATION UNIT is used to monitor numerical parameters and waveforms of up to 32 MK® 660 patient monitors connected to a Local Area Network (LAN). The CENTRAL STATION UNIT is placed far away from the patient monitors.

The CENTRAL STATION UNIT is a computer-based system that provides remote monitoring and controlling of MK® 660 patient monitors connected (maximum 32) to the system over a standard LAN.

The CENTRAL STATION UNIT provides remote, up to 100 meters away, monitoring of waveforms, numerical parameters, alarms, parameter settings and trend data of all patient monitors connected to the system. It also provides remote control of many patient monitor functions such as changing gain and derivation, setting alarms, monitoring trend data, entering patient's name and recording waveforms and numerical parameters from the printers in the system; thermal printer of patient monitors and laser printer. It's easy to use with its color screen, mouse and keyboard. The number of patient monitors connected to the system and the traces to be monitored on the screen can be set by the user.

The CENTRAL STATION UNIT receives patient data from patient monitors by using UDP/IP protocol. Each patient monitor has a unique IP address in the system. All are connected to the CENTRAL STATION UNIT through an ethernet switch. It displays waveforms of ECG, SpO2, IBP, RESP and CO2 and numerical parameters of ECG, SpO2, IBP, NIBP, RESP and CO2. It displays maximum 32 channels of waveforms on the screen at a time.

The displayed waveforms, measured parameters, trend data, alarm records, frozen traces and many other data collected from the patient monitors can be recorded on size A4 paper with either laser printer or thermal printer on patient monitors.

There are four monitoring modes of the CENTRAL STATION UNIT; bedside view mode (single patient view mode), 8-16 patient view mode, 32-patient view mode and full disclosure view mode.
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