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Devices are cleaned before the shuttle service. And technical service personnel shall be determined by the preliminary review by the main cause of failure. Prepared and presented proposals to customers outside the scope of the warranty price of devices. and approval is expected to service.

The server service time is given to a maximum of 30 working days. Product or service within 90 calendar days from the end of the duration of this period if the customer does not receive the product can not be held responsible for technical service.

The devices were repaired as soon as possible according to standards in the approval of the validation tests by simulators, shall ensure that all functions are working properly and sent to the customer.


Petaş® device has a one-year warranty period after the delivery date. Within the warranty period, units that are proved to be faulty are either repaired or replaced by PETAŞ® dependening on the preference of PETAŞ®.

Exceptional Subjects

The warranty of your Petaş® device is invalid for the fault and failure that are stemmed from the below mentioned reasons.

  • Usage of the unit contrary to the subjects that are described in the operating manual,
  • Modifications without permission and misuse,
  • Unsuitability of the operating place and the maintenance.

In the case that any failure occurs within the warranty period, send back the unit to an authorized PETAŞ® dealer or the nearest service center.  


If possible, always use the original package of device. The customer is fully responsible for the unit defects which occur during transportation caused by improper packaging.

In the case that any failure occurs because of either material or labour or assembly errors within the warranty period, the unit will be repaired without any charge for either labour or replacing parts or any other extra expenses.

You can download "guarantee certificates" from certificates web site.


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