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KMA® 900 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

12.1” color TFT-LCD Display
2-12 ECG, RESP, SpO2, NIBP, IBP,
2 TEMP, Battery, Network Connection



Up to 3 Channel Thermal Printer1 Channel Cardiac Output (CO)
1 Channel Extra SpO2,
Up to 3 Channel Extra IBP, CO2 Module (EtCO2, Inspired CO2 & RR), 
1 Channel FiO2, Anesthetic Gas Module, 1 Channel BIS, 
1 Wireless Central Station Connection, Li-ion Battery

PETKOT® 600 Electrosurgical Unit

6.5” color TFT-LCD Display
Tissue Control
Vessel Sealing
Dual output use simultaneously
3 Basic Operating Modes (General Surgery, Liquid, Laparoscopic)

MK® 660 Central Station

Color TFT-LCD Display
32 Patient Monitor Connection
Full disclosure and data trend for all parameters
All alarms occurred in patient monitors can be viewed color coded and speaker.

KMA® 900

Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

KMA® 900 is a new generation patient monitor which is produced in latest technology, colored multi parameter, micro processor controlled (2-12 channel ECG, 1 SpO2, 1 respiration, invasive blood pressure, 1 non-invasive blood pressure, EtCO2, 2 temp. It has 12.1” color TFT-LCD display and 8 channels waveforms simultaneously. In addition, it has big numeric display mode. CO Cardiac Output, Anesthetic Gas Module (O2, N2O, CO2 and 5 anesthetic Agent) connections are available. The high and low alarm limits for the parameters being measured can be set easily. The device alarms with sound if the set alarm limits are exceeded. KMA®900 can display 120 hours trends of all parameters on screen in a zoom and parameterized way.

KMA®900 series monitors have several options. Up to 3 channel thermal printer, 1 channel cardiac output (CO), 1 extra channel  SpO2, up to 3 additional channels of invasive blood pressure, CO2 Module (EtCO2, inspired CO2&RR), 1 channel extra FiO2, Anesthetic Gas Module, 1 channel BIS (Bispectral Index), wireless connection to Central Station, Li-ion battery can be added for request. 


Electrosurgical Unit

PETKOT® 600 is a completely microprocessor controlled, general purpose, easy-to-use Electrosurgical Unit meeting the requirements of almost all surgical operations.

PETKOT® 600 measures the resistance of applied tissue and adjusts its output accordingly. Thus, constant power is applied to a wide range of tissue impedances, which means carrying out operations in lower power settings.

PETKOT® 600 has three basic operating modes as "General Surgery", "Liquid" and "Laparoscopic". In addition to these basic modes, delicate tissues can be precisely cut or coagulated by using the "Pulse" mode.

MK® 660

Central Station


The CENTRAL STATION UNIT is used to monitor numerical parameters and waveforms of up to 32 MK® 660 patient monitors connected to a Local Area Network (LAN). The CENTRAL STATION UNIT is placed far away from the patient monitors.

The CENTRAL STATION UNIT is a computer-based system that provides remote monitoring and controlling of MK® 660 patient monitors connected (maximum 32) to the system over a standard LAN.

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