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PETAŞ Profesyonel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. , with 34 years of experience, from past till today, is very well known and reputable company.


We will produce the best quality of medical devices for human being. Our R&D Department works for these health care solutions and go forward from existing technology in every new brand of product.


Our mission is producing latest technological devices in Health care industry and with this respect helping doctors, patients and hospital employees. Our company with its technological development program improves its quality day by day. We do this through an unwavering commitment to integrity, honor and humanity.



Customer satisfaction is the main factor for our company’s reputation since we try to provide to all our customers the best service quality.  We are working for our company, products and service quality without compromising our values and trying to bring a good work for this respect.


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